Welcome to The-Mind.ai

Our Artificial MIND is Intelligent Human-like General and Super (Future) Ethical and Responsible Deployable

Welcome to The-Mind.ai

The-Mind.ai offers an entirely new approach to Artificial Intelligence. Our Artificial Mind can see and perceive, understand our language, think like humans think and make decisions, learn like us on its own: A real intelligence. To make of the world where no one is alienated and everything is at our fingertips.

In The-Mind.ai, we want to push the limits and boundaries of AI to a whole new level. We work on long term goal of developing and commercialising the next generation of Artificial Intelligence engines based on the AGI and ASI theories. This engine can power a wide variety of intelligent applications in several verticals.

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Message from the founder

We believe that, with the help of machine intelligence, humanity’s future will be brighter than we dare imagine. The impact of abundant, scalable intelligence will be as profound as that of electricity or the Internet. While the change it brings will be disruptive, it will remake our world in incredible ways. Creating these technologies is the most important thing we can work on, because true intelligence abundance will enable us to overcome a multitude of our most urgent and challenging problems. Our mission is to make that future possible by building technology that enables us to exceed human limitations. In the-mind, we are investing in research and innovation to develop new technologies and techniques to push forward the state of the art in artificial intelligence. In the mind, we work on the three levels of Artificial intelligence which are (1) the weak or narrow artificial intelligence, (2) the artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

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Our services

We offer the following services to our partners. For more detail about our services, please click on the following button

Artificial Intelligence market intelligence and AI strategic planning and implementation

We keep a global eye on the nationals AI strategies that are or will be developed. We have studied in details most of the AI strategies conceived and implemented till now, and we have developed a timline (here) as well as a mapping for them (here). Out of this knowledge, we have developed a generic canvas and Dashboard for AI strategies. We also offer the service to develop and implement AI strategies on NATIONAL, CITY or CORPORATE levels by accompagning and coaching the responsibles of these AI strategies.

Research and Innovation

We offer research and innovation in the three levels of AI: The Artificial Narrow or Weak AI, the Artificial General or Strong AI and the Artificial Super AI. We collaborate with researchers and innovators across the globe in order to develop these 3 levels of AI in a secure and ethical manner. We also offer some foresight research related to the future of AI, the future of work and jobs, the future of education (Education 4.0), the Ethical issues related to AI, etc.

Consultancy and Advising (HERE)

We use the different engines of The-Mind.ai to offer services: AI or Mind as service. We offer consultancy and development in the following fields: Big data analytics and predictive analytics, Machine/Deep and Reinforced learning, Computer vision (images and video processing, object detection, etc), Speech processing, Natural language processing, etc.

Training and capacity building (HERE)

The AI will impact all the sectors of our life. In order to survive, we need to upskill, re-skill or sometimes de-skill ourselves. For that reason, we offer some training and capacity building services related to the AI field. Please visit the AI-Academy for more details about the courses and programs we offer.

Events management and networking (HERE)

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, the technology is exponential. In order to survie in aVUCA future, we need to work together to solve our common and global challenges, thus, we need to meet frequently to discuss these AI-related issues. So, each year, we offer some AI-related events (conferences, seminars, etc.) to discuss the current and future issues related to the AI world. Please visit the AI-Events for more details about the events we are organizing.

Internship and Job placement

Nowaday, AI is applied in every industry and there is a lack of talents in this field. Some public or private institution need such type rare birds. Thus, we connect job-seekers to these organisations.

AI Foresight platform: Keep up with the future (HERE)

The AU world is very dynamic and vibrant, so we have to be uptodate with what is going on in the AI world. Thus, we offer an online platform for AI forecasting. Please visit www.future-is-here.co to access to this unique platform.

The-Mind-ai is a first step toward the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

The-Mind.ai represent a first prototype towards the Artificial General Intelligence, since it has most of the functions that a human can have.

Think and decide
Understand natural language
Listen and speak
is Spacially intelligent
Touch and feel
Has emotions
Is ethical and secure
Is collaborative (Cobots)

Portfolio of our featured projects

So far, we have developped the following projects and solutions:

Our Team

In our team, we have the great talents in the field of data science and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Oualid Ali

Founder and Chief Futurist Officer (CFO)

Prof. Nabil El Khadhi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Prof. Naoufel Kraiem

Chief Innovation Office (CIO)

Mr. Slim Zouaoui

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Walid Barhoumi

AI expert and Chief Ethical Officer (CEthO)

Mrs. Lala Humaidi

geoAI expert and Spatial data science expert

Our upcoming events and trainings sessions

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  • What? AI for leaders
  • Where? Dubai
  • Where UAE
  • When? March 2020


  • What? The Future of AI
  • Where? Tunis
  • Where Tunisia
  • When? June 2020


  • What? Global AI forum 2020
  • Where? Dubai
  • Where UAE
  • When? October 2020

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